I Don’t Like To Annoy Him by Choosing Him. What Exactly Do I Really Do?

Reader Question:

There’s he I-go to college with therefore we was once actually good friends. In the course of time we finished up liking him but the guy finished up taste this different lady. Obviously he’s single now. He is just very nice to everyone therefore it is difficult tell what he’s thinking, which is why I messed up before and believed the guy liked myself.

So what have always been we expected to do? I do not desire to be pathetic or frustrating or anything by trying to go after him, but I do not would you like to you need to be their buddy.

-Kelsey W. (Massachusetts)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

I like it when my nice people answer their own question. You merely told me plainly what you should not be: a female exactly who pursues unrequited love, nor a lady just who swallows her feelings merely to end up being near a guy.

So, take a deep breath girl and attempt to become the woman you need to end up being: a lady that is honest although not a doormat. It is advisable to pull it and set using one big flirt so that him know you are interested.

If the guy doesn’t make lure, move out. The disappearance offers him the opportunity to pursue you if he’s interested. If he isn’t, you shouldn’t loaf around and harm yourself.

Do you know what you would like and everything you shouldn’t. And that’s a giant action to locating real love.

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